Subscription Info

Our subscriptions makes it easier than ever to have your favorite foods delivered to your door as often as you want.

How to access or modify your subscription. Although it's recommended to setup an account with TheBite.Life prior to ordering one of our subscriptions, it is not necessary. If you do have an account with TheBite.Life, all of your order history and subscription info is available in the customer portal. If you choose not to setup an account, your subscription info is available via a link that is sent to you after you complete your checkout.

Can I cancel my subscription? Yes, all subscriptions can be be modified at anytime (change of subscription interval, delivery address, billing address or email address), but subscriptions cannot be canceled until after 3 total payments and deliveries have been made.

When will my subscription ship/deliver? All subscriptions shipping info is available in the product page. Most products on TheBite.Life ship out on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesdays. Your subscriptions will ship out the same day of the week every time depending on which subscription interval is selected (monthly, weekly, etc).

What if my subscription arrives damaged or melted? If your subscription doesn’t arrive frozen or is damaged in transit, we’ll reship the order at our cost. If there is a problem with your order please contact customer service at info@TheBite.Life within 14 days of delivery. We ensure each frozen package has enough dry ice to keep the contents frozen well into the evening of delivery day. We are not responsible for deliveries that are left at the recipients address, stolen, missing or otherwise damaged. You will receive an email when each of your subscription ships out and another when it delivers. It is your responsibility to ensure the product is received. TheBite.Life will not replace or reship subscriptions that are damaged as a result of being left at the recipients address, stolen, missing or otherwise damaged.

If you have any questions regarding our subscriptions, please feel free to reach out to info@TheBite.Life.